Upcoming Webinars – Properties now in Jackson, Mississippi !

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Jackson, MI now open!
In order to be able to continue to offer high quality inventory, offering rates of return that exceed 12% annually, it is a must to constantly be seeking out new markets where inventory is able to be purchased well below market value. 
Starting on Tuesday August 26th, IncomePropertyHQ.com will be hosting 4 webinars discussing our newest market: Jackson, Mississippi.
There are many reasons why we are opening this market. First and foremost is that we have one of the best wholesale teams in the nation now in this market in anticipation of two hedge funds moving into Jackson some time in the late fall.
The other reason is that we can offer non-recourse lending in this market with very similar lending terms as we now have available in Birmingham. Rates of return in the 12%- 16% range, and cost of entry as low as $ 42,000!!
Please join us on…..