9 Rental Homes for $229,900. Cash Flows a $37.8k a year !

Great Pkg of Rehabbed, Rented and
Managed Homes in Macon, GA.

$229,900 Cash Price.
Once again this is a Buy and Hold Deal or Cap and Futures!
This pkg consist of 7 lots but a total of 9 rental properties as two of the properties have small apartment type of units in back of the house.

Seller recommends to hold this small pkg for 3-5 years and then sell off entire pkg once values have gone back up.  Macon may not provide the overall appreciation as we will see in Atlanta but these are still houses that used to sell in the $50’s and $60’s so certainly room for overall appreciation.
The numbers: 
$229,900 Cash Price for 9 Rentals!

Rents = $4190 x 12 = $50,280 annual gross income
Insurance = $450 x 20 = $4050 annual*
Taxes = $4406 actual*
Property Mgmt = 8% or $335 or $4023/yr.*

Net Annual Rental Income = $37,801 or 18% ROI
*These numbers are projections


4053 Lafayette Dr.  Macon  3/1    $625/mth
1905 Karen Drive  Macon  3/1   $650/mth
1921 Karen Drive  Macon  3/1   $600/mth
3922 Tyler Drive  Macon  3/1   $600/mth
3069 Napier Ave  Macon  3/2  $500/mth
3071 Napier Ave  Macon  2/1  $250/mth
3073  Napier Ave Macon  2/1  $215/mth
688 Central Ave.  Macon  2/1  $500/mth
 688 A Central Ave.  Macon  1/1   $250/mth
Drive-By only Do Not Disturb Current Tenants.  All additional information shall be provided during due-diligence period including inspections of each along with current leases.  No other information will be provided without POF’s and LOI or contract.  You will be given plenty of time to get all questions answered and all needed information.