11-15% CAP Rates in Atlanta?!

Is it 2010 again? Everyone knows that Atlanta is one of the hottest, most sought after markets in the nation for investment real estate. Most every hedge fund and institutional buyer is in this market. But most investors also know that CAPS in this market are in the 6%-10% range.

These are owned by one seller and we did market these a few weeks back. However, they are all currently rented, and we now have all of the financial numbers on them. Several of you even made low ball offers and were turned down.

All have been rehabbed, little to no work required.

Please, these prices are fairly firm, there may be some wiggle room on a few but not much, not with returns like this in a market that is appreciating.

See link to spreadsheet. Cherry picking is allowed, discounts will be considered if you purchase more than 3.

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